Third Generation
Family of Rose Elizabeth Novy (2) & William Jason Merrill
11. George Harris Merrill . Born on 19 Jan 1908 in Gettysburg, Potter County SD. George Harris died in Sioux Falls, SD in Apr 1978. Buried in Dell Rapids Cemetery.
On 29 Oct 1931 when George Harris was 23, he first married Bertha Edna (Mae) Hink , daughter of Edward Louis Hink & Louise E. Thompson, in Sioux Falls, SD. Born in 1911. Bertha Edna (Mae) died in Minnehaha, SD on 7 Jun 1957.
They had the following children:
On 4 Apr 1964 when George Harris was 56, he second married Katherine Ridgway.
12. Frank Ivan Merrill . Born on 21 Feb 1912. Frank Ivan died in Riverside, California, on 27 Apr 1988; he was 76.
On 15 Jul 1939 when Frank Ivan was 27, he married Hazel L. Hink in Sioux Falls, SD. Born in 1912. Hazel L. died in Minnehaha County, SD on 11 Jul 1950.
They had one child:
Born on 4 Jan 1943. Kathy died on 26 Nov 1992; she was 49. Buried in Dell Rapids Cemetery, Miinnehaha County, SD.
Kathy married ? Bortone .
13. Esther Ruth Merrill . Born on 24 Dec 1917 in Gettysburg, Potter County SD. Esther Ruth died in St. Paul, Minnesota, on 25 Oct 1977; she was 59.
On 23 Mar 1935 when Esther Ruth was 17, she married Edward Melvin (Ewald) Breitkreutz, son of Edward William Breitkreutz & Flora Aldina Voigt, in Potter County, SD. Born on 14 Mar 1912 in Gettysburg, Potter, South Dakota-. Edward Melvin (Ewald) died on 6 Aug 1989; he was 77.
They had the following children:
Donald Earl Sr. (1937-2014)
Marvin Edward.
Born in 1938.
Dellene Jennie (Stillborn).
Born on 9 Jul 1940 in Lebanon SD. Dellene Jennie died in Lebanon SD, on 9 Aug 1940; she was <1.
Melvin Ewald.
Born in 1943.
Joyce (Died as Infant).
Born on 24 Nov 1944 in Lebanon, Potter, South Dakota. Joyce died in Lebanon SD, on 25 Nov 1944; she was <1.
14. Rose Elizabeth Merrill. Born on 5 Jul 1923 in Gettysburg-Potter County-South Dakota. Rose Elizabeth died on 17 Apr 2007; she was 83. Buried in Belcrest Memorial Park -Salem-Marion County-Oregon,.
On 9 Oct 1959 when Rose Elizabeth was 36, she married Harvey Baldwin Ratzlaff, son of Henry Harvey Ratzlaff & Anna Mae Luetke, in Yankton SD. Born on 4 May 1923. Harvey Baldwin died in Salem, Oregon, on 30 Mar 2009; he was 85.
They had the following children:
? married ? Prang.
15. James Jason Merrill . Born on 11 Mar 1925 in South Dakota. James Jason died in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, on 27 Nov 2000; he was 75.
On 14 Dec 1951 when James Jason was 26, he married Loretta Braese , daughter of George Braese & Alma Raschdorf, in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Born on 21 Apr 1925. Loretta died in Sioux Falls, SD, on 5 Nov 2005; she was 80.
They had the following children:
Lynda Caroline.
Born on 27 Jul 1952. Lynda Caroline died in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, on 11 May 1994; she was 41. Buried in Sioux Cemetery, Minnehaha County, SD.
James J..
Born in 1955.
Allen G..
Born in 1957.
Allen G. married Deb ?.
Barbara J..
Born in 1962.
Barbara J. married Randall M. Webb. Born in 1960.
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