Third Generation (Continued)
Family of Josie Elizabeth *** Novy (6) & Wallace Austin (Alanson) *** Lobdell
29. Jesse Everett (Dutch) Lobdell . Born on 15 Sep 1912 in Valley City, North Dakota. Jesse Everett (Dutch) died in St. Charles Hospital , Oregon, Ohio, on 20 Dec 1974; he was 62. Buried in Wingston Cemetery, Ohio. Occupation: Restaurant Owner, Trucking Business.
Jesse Everett (Dutch) first married Helen Crosow . They were divorced.
Jesse Everett (Dutch) second married Anne Rebecca Berkheimer , daughter of Charles Russell "Russell" Berkheimer & Charlotte Elizabeth Barefoot, in Tiffin, Ohio. Born on 2 May 1921 in Pleasantville, PA. Anne Rebecca died in Tiffin, Ohio, on 14 Jul 2005; she was 84. They were divorced.
They had the following children:
Paul Eugene “Buster”.
Born in 1950.
Paul Eugene “Buster” married Betty Baxter.
Judy Ann (1951-)
Jesse Everett (Dutch) third married Helen Elizabeth Young. They were divorced.
They had the following children:
30. Austin Lewis (Swede) Lobdell . Born on 10 Apr 1914 in Gettysburg, South Dakota. Austin Lewis (Swede) died in Findlay, Ohio, on 17 Aug 1989; he was 75. Buried in Hueston Cemetery, Hardin County, Forest, Ohio. Occupation: Owner operator service stations/mechanic.
Austin Lewis (Swede) first married Margaret Starr. Born in 1917. Margaret died in Findlay, Ohio. They were divorced.
They had one child:
Born in 1931.
On 12 Apr 1945 when Austin Lewis (Swede) was 31, he second married Helen Mae Young , daughter of Jess Grant Young & Myrtle V. Knouse. Born on 31 Aug 1921 in Fostoria, Ohio. Helen Mae died in Findlay, Ohio, on 1 Sep 2005; she was 84.

Death: Young Knouse, Helen Mae [ Lobdell ] 08/31/1921 84 Fostoria, OH 09/01/2005
They had the following children:
Norma Jean (1946-2011)
Barbara Ann (1948-)
Rodney Grant (1951-)
31. Vern Almon (Irish) Lobdell . Born on 24 Feb 1916 in South Dakota. Vern Almon (Irish) died in Mineola, Texas, on 26 Nov 1999; he was 83. Occupation: Troubleshooter for Buckeye Pipeline.
Vern Almon (Irish) married Esther Arlene Helberg, daughter of George H. Helberg & Gertrude C. Farmer. Born in 1919.
They had the following children:
32. Henry Charles (Hank) Lobdell . Born on 26 Mar 1918 in Agar, South Dakota. Henry Charles (Hank) died in Colorado on 13 Oct 1979; he was 61. Buried in Michigan. Occupation: Mechanic.
Henry Charles (Hank) married Thelma Jessie Anson , daughter of George Bernard Anson & Edith Lilian Wall, in England. Born on 1 Sep 1925 in Liverpool, England. Thelma Jessie died in Emmett, Michigan, on 20 Aug 2010; she was 84.
They had the following children:
Allan George (1947-)
Lilian Edith (1949-)
Thomas Mark (1954-)
John Anthony.
Born in 1957.
John Anthony married Cathy Stevens. Born in 1948.
Timothy Greg.
Born on 16 Dec 1959. Timothy Greg died in Hamtramck, Wayne, Michigan, on 16 Feb 1988; he was 28.
Thelma Janice (Died as Infant).
Born on 16 Dec 1959 in Grand Forks, ND. Thelma Janice died in Grand Forks, ND, on 18 Dec 1959; she was <1. Buried in Calvary Cemetery, Grand Forks, ND.
Peter Anson.
Born on 11 Sep 1961. Peter Anson died in Emmett, St. Clair, Michigan, on 24 Mar 1981; he was 19.
Janet Lynn (1967-)
James Anson (1969-)
33. Josie Elizabeth (Toot) Lobdell . Born on 6 Jan 1920 in Onida, South Dakota. Josie Elizabeth (Toot) died in Libertyville, Illinois, on 31 Jul 2013; she was 93. Occupation: Hair Stylist, Homemaker.

*New [RELI]: Methodist
On 5 Oct 1940 when Josie Elizabeth (Toot) was 20, she married Leroy Merlin Wilcox , son of Hugh Wilcox & Alice Douglas, in Dayton, Ohio. Born on 27 May 1917. Leroy Merlin died in Bowling Green, Ohio, on 27 May 1997; he was 80.
They had one child:
James Leroy.
Born in 1951.
James Leroy married Diane E. Caplan. Born in 1950.
34. Mildred Rose (Mid) Lobdell . Born on 11 Nov 1921 in South Dakota. Mildred Rose (Mid) died in Findlay, Ohio, on 31 Aug 1978; she was 56. Occupation: Homemaker.
On 18 Oct 1942 when Mildred Rose (Mid) was 20, she married Edward George Folk , son of Samuel H. Folk & Mary Margaret (Mae) Cronin, in Findlay, Ohio. Born on 15 Dec 1912 in Findlay, Ohio. Edward George died in Findlay, Ohio, on 20 Apr 1984; he was 71.
They had the following children:
Patrick (1944-)
Rose Alice (1946-2005)
35. Emily Marie (Emmy) Lobdell . Born on 6 Mar 1923 in South Dakota. Emily Marie (Emmy) died in Lutheran Hospital, Fort Wayne, Indiana 9:15 pm, on 6 Jan 2005; she was 81. Buried on 13 Jan 2005 in Jefferson Cemetery, Marion, Indiana. Occupation: Homemaker, factory worker.
Emily Marie (Emmy) first married Kenneth Stump . Born on 20 May 1910. Kenneth died in Marion, IN in Mar 1984.
They had the following children:
Kenneth Raymond (1944-2010)
Hazel Louise (1947-)
Orvel Steven (1955-)
Leona Grace (1953-)
In 1976 Emily Marie (Emmy) second married Samuel Miller , son of August Miller & Clara Hasselbring. Born on 15 Nov 1908. Samuel died on 1 Sep 1990; he was 81.
36. Ethel May (Echo) Lobdell . Born on 5 Mar 1925 in Potter County, SD. Ethel May (Echo) died in Fort Wayne, Indiana, on 16 Sep 2007; she was 82. Buried in Maple Grove Cemetery, Findlay, OH. Occupation: Homemaker, Factory worker.

*New [RELI]: Ethel M. "Echo" England, 82, of Van Buren died at 1:24 AM Sunday, September 16, 2007 at Lutheran Hospital in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She was born March 5, 1925 in Lebanon, South Dakota to the late Wallace and Josie (Novy) Lobdell. Ethel was one of 13 children: Jess; Austin; Vern; Henry; Joe; Emily Miller and Mildred Folk, all deceased. Surviving siblings include Josie Wilcox of Bowling Green; Viola (Robert) Hochstettler of Findlay; Denny of Marion, OH; Evelyn Dyer of Upper Sandusky and Wallace of Bloomfield Hills, MI. Ethel was a 1944 graduate of North Baltimore High School. June 29, 1946, she married Chester F. "Chet" England, Sr. and he preceded her in death on Dec. 6, 1977. Ethel was the proud mother of seven children: Chester (Rita) England; Mary Aldrich; Larry (Roxanne) England; Bill (Connie) England; Wally (Vicky) England; Marlene Silvers and Darlene (Dave) Farabaugh. She mourned the loss of three grandchildren: Tami Aldrich; Eddie England and Paul England. Ethel enjoyed her 37 grandchildren and 39 great-grandchildren. After 25 years of service, she retired from Consolidated Biscuit. Ethel and Chet were avid bowlers for many years and after his death she continued to bowl for many years on several leagues and participating in regional and 125 national tournaments. Ethel totally enjoyed the last two weeks of her life with her niece and nephew, Grace and Charlie Ritter and their family in Marion, Indiana. Funeral services will be held at 10:00 AM Wednesday, September 19, 2007 at COLDREN-CRATES FUNERAL HOME with Rev. David B. Clark and Rev. Robert Hochstetler officiating. Burial will be in Maple Grove Cemetery, Findlay. Visitation will be from 2-4:00 and 6-8:00 PM at the funeral home Tuesday. Memorial contributions may be made to Bridge Home Health and Hospice in her memory.
On 29 Jun 1946 when Ethel May (Echo) was 21, she married Chester Franklin England , son of Dale England & Mary Jane Dill, in Findlay, Ohio. Born on 10 May 1921 in Carey, Ohio. Chester Franklin died in Findlay, Ohio, on 19 Dec 1977; he was 56.
They had the following children:
Mary Josie (1948-)
Larry Joe (1950-)
Wallace Dale.
Born in 1956.
Wallace Dale married M. Vicky Hampton.
Marlene May (1957-)
Darlene Kay (1957-)
37. Wallace Arthur (Bud) Lobdell. Born in 1926.
Wallace Arthur (Bud) married Phyllis Joan Fanning , daughter of Frank Dale Fanning & Wildus Dailey. Born on 25 Nov 1931 in Indiana. Phyllis Joan died in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, on 9 Nov 2010; she was 78.
They had the following children:
Pamela Ann (1958-)
David Todd.
Born in 1965.
38. Viola Linnet “Violina” Lobdell. Born in 1928.
Viola Linnet “Violina” first married Richard Klair Pressnell , son of Milton Richard Pressnell & Helen Christy Mae Tarr. Born on 11 Oct 1918 in Findlay, Ohio. Richard Klair died in Medical College of Ohio Hospital, Toledo, on 15 Apr 1988; he was 69.
They had the following children:
Gary Klair (1949-)
Jerry Lee (1952-)
Sherri Lynne (1955-)
Larry Jay (1958-)
Viola Linnet “Violina” second married John Robert “Bob” Hochstettler , son of ***Nathan Artemus (Nathaniel) Hochstettler & ***Ada Beach. Born on 25 Nov 1926 in Findlay, Ohio. John Robert “Bob” died in Bridge Hospice Care Center, Findlay, Ohio, on 5 Oct 2010; he was 83.
39. Evelyn Joan (Teeny) Lobdell . Born on 27 Aug 1930 in Potter County, South Dakota. Evelyn Joan (Teeny) died in Mt. Carmel West Hospital, Columbus, on 30 Nov 2012; she was 82. Buried in Spring Grove Cemetery, Carey, Ohio. Occupation: Hair Stylist, Homemaker.
On 31 Mar 1951 when Evelyn Joan (Teeny) was 20, she married William P. Dyer , son of Rev. Carlos Dyer & Alma Mae Barnett, in Indiana. Born on 13 Jun 1931 in Salversville, Kentucky. William P. died in Upper Sandusky, Ohio, on 12 Apr 1998; he was 66.
They had the following children:
Joan Yvonne (1954-)
Douglas F..
Born in 1956.
Douglas F. married Arthur G. Mielke.
Gregory P. (1957-)
Derrick A. (1959-)
Darrin A. (1961-)
Born in 1964.
40. Dennis Earl (Denny) Lobdell . Born on 10 Mar 1933 in South Dakota. Dennis Earl (Denny) died in Mercy Medical Center in Canton, Ohio, on 20 Sep 2009; he was 76. Buried in Calvary Cemetery. Occupation: Engineer. Education: BS+.
Dennis Earl (Denny) first married Phyllis Gayle Van Meter. Born in 1936.
They had the following children:
Dalene Dea (1958-)
Devan Dana.
Born in 1960.
In 1968 Dennis Earl (Denny) second married Elizabeth Jean “Betty” August , daughter of Stephen John August & Mary Ann Plicka. Born on 8 Oct 1936 in Barberton, OH. Elizabeth Jean “Betty” died in Alamance Regional Center in Burlington, North Carolina, on 19 Mar 2015; she was 78.
They had the following children:
Danelle Teresa.
Born in 1969.
Deana Marie (1974-)
41. Joe Ee (Honey) Lobdell . Born on 20 May 1935 in South Dakota. Joe Ee (Honey) died in Findlay, Ohio, on 2 Apr 1982; he was 46. Occupation: Truck Driver, Mechanic.
Joe Ee (Honey) first married Gail Winkleman .
Joe Ee (Honey) second married Mary Ann Gallant in Findlay, Ohio. Born in Dec 1935 in Ohio. Mary Ann died in Ohio on 9 Jan 1996.
They had the following children:
Dallas Joe (1955-)
Lari Kay (1956-)
Jamey Wayne (1958-)
Debra Ann (1959-)
Joe Ee (Honey) third married Mildred (Midge) Evans, daughter of William Elmer Evans & Lila Cody. Mildred (Midge) died bef 2010.
They had the following children:
Penny E..
Born in 1960.
Penny E. first married Chip Turner. Born in 1960.
Penny E. second married ? Craig.
Born in 1962.
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