Third Generation (Continued)
Family of Anna Antony “Annie” Novy (7) & Clarence Fred Antrup
42. Jennie Josephine Antrup . Born on 25 Jan 1916 in Gorman, South Dakota. Jennie Josephine died on 19 Dec 1999; she was 83. Buried in Riverside Cemetery, Pierre, SD.
On 20 Jun 1936 when Jennie Josephine was 20, she married Maurice Marcy Flansburg in Pierre , South Dakota. Born on 12 Feb 1912 in Standwood, Iowa. Maurice Marcy died in Agar, South Dakota, on 6 Feb 1983; he was 70.
They had the following children:
Freda Ann (1937-)
Frederick Allen (1938-2009)
Patricia Johana (1940-2000)
Paul Scott (1942-1996)
Jewel Mae (1941-)
Born in 1947.
Born in 1948.
43. Helen Eleanor Antrup . Born on 26 Aug 1917 in Kaspar, Sully County, South Dakota. Helen Eleanor died in 2006.
On 31 Dec 1953 when Helen Eleanor was 36, she first married Ned Raymond Myers , son of Coy Myers & Isabel “Belle” Closson, in Angola, Indiana. Born on 22 Aug 1914 in Ohio. Ned Raymond died in Angola, Indiana, on 6 Jul 1993; he was 78.
They had the following children:
Sharon Ann (1954-)
DeWayne Coy.
Born in 1957.
Helen Eleanor second married Cleon Glen Wilber. Born in 1914.
They had the following children:
Deanna Marie.
Born in 1940.
James Leroy (1943-)
44. Charles Frank Antrup. Born on 31 Dec 1918 in Agar, South Dakota (Sully County). Charles Frank died in Fremont, Indiana (Stueben County), on 23 May 1988; he was 69. Buried on 26 May 1988 in Jamestown Cemetery.
On 10 Mar 1943 when Charles Frank was 24, he married Hildred Nathalie Todd in Montgomery, Michigan. Born on 11 Mar 1922 in Hillsdale, Michigan. Hildred Nathalie died in Hillsdale, Michigan, on 6 Apr 1999; she was 77.
They had the following children:
David Todd (Twin).
Born on 10 Jun 1944 in Tampa, Florida. David Todd died in Apr 1988.
On 26 Sep 1981 when David Todd was 37, he married Kim Aleece Crowl, daughter of Clyde Mitchell Crowl & Joyce Jean Lamont.
Dennis Thad (Twin).
Born on 10 Jun 1944 in Tampa, Florida. Dennis Thad died in 2006.
On 26 Sep 1981 when Dennis Thad was 37, he married Kim Aleece Crowl, daughter of Clyde Mitchell Crowl & Joyce Jean Lamont.
Nedra Louise (1956-2011)
45. Opal Ruth Antrup . Born on 15 Oct 1920 in Quincy, Michigan (Branch County). Opal Ruth died in Evergreen Manor Nursing Home in Montpelier, Ohio., on 17 Jun 2008; she was 87. Buried in Lakeside Cemetery in Fremont, Indiana.
On 20 Aug 1939 when Opal Ruth was 18, she married Adrian Burl (Tug) Hassett in Auburn, Indiana. Born on 20 Feb 1915. Adrian Burl (Tug) died on 2 Sep 1991; he was 76.
They had the following children:
Joan Lucille (1944-)
Pamela Sue (1946-)
Kim Ellen (1956-)
46. Anna Belle Antrup . Born on 5 Dec 1924 in Auburn, Indiana (DeKalb County). Anna Belle died in Las Cruces, NM, on 17 Oct 2011; she was 86. Buried in Ft Bayard National Cemetery.
On 24 Sep 1951 when Anna Belle was 26, she married Darold William (Bill) Comstock in Angola, Indiana. Born on 31 Jan 1926 in Evert, Michigan. Darold William (Bill) died in Fairacres, New Mexico., on 11 Nov 2006; he was 80.
They had the following children:
Bryan Darold (Adopted).
Born on 22 Aug 1962 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Bryan Darold died bef 2011.
47. Lester Elwin Antrup . Born on 26 Jul 1926 in Gorman, South Dakota. Lester Elwin died in Daviess Community Hospital in Washington, Indiana, on 6 May 2007; he was 80. Buried on 10 May 2007 in Fremont Cemetery in Fremont, Indiana.
Lester Elwin married Thelma Mae Wise. Born in 1929.
They had the following children:
Judie Marlene.
Born on 13 Nov 1947 in Kendallville, Indiana. Judie Marlene died in Parkview Regional Medical Center In Fort Wayne., on 7 Oct 2014; she was 66.
On 19 Dec 1966 when Judie Marlene was 19, she first married John Stephen Osipowich. They were divorced.
On 18 Jun 1976 when Judie Marlene was 28, she second married Richard Delane Likes. They were divorced in 1978.
On 2 Jun 1982 when Judie Marlene was 34, she third married Antonius. J. M. Geeraedts . Born on 20 Jun 1923. Antonius. J. M. died on 17 May 1995; he was 71.
Carolyn Sue.
Born on 7 Sep 1951 in Angola, Indiana. Carolyn Sue died in Steuben County, Indiana, on 24 Dec 1964; she was 13.
Cathy Marie (1952-)
Charles Eugene.
Born in 1954.
Charles Eugene married Victoria E. Leslie.
Darrel Elwin (1957-)
Kenneth Avery.
Born on 17 Oct 1960 in Angola, Indiana. Kenneth Avery died on 29 Aug 1976; he was 15. Buried in Steuben County, Indiana.
48. Ellsworth “Lefty” Antrup . Born on 23 Jan 1928 in Gettysburg, South Dakota (Potter County). Ellsworth “Lefty” died in Golden Living Center in Mishawaka, Indiana, on 30 May 2013; he was 85.
Ellsworth “Lefty” married Mary Lou Schaffer, daughter of Merl Schaffer. Born in 1929.
They had one child:
Lee Allen (1948-)
49. Edward Richard Antrup . Born on 26 May 1930 in Onida, South Dakota ( Potter County). Edward Richard died in Parkview Regional Medical Center of Fort Wayne, Indiana.-, on 13 Jan 2014; he was 83.
Edward Richard married Alda Laura Burch. Born in 1939.
They had the following children:
James Edward (1958-)
Scott Allen.
Born in 1959.
Scott Allen married Susan Diane Chrysler.
50. Donna Marie Antrup. Born in 1933.
Donna Marie married Estel Marion Budd , son of Orville J. Budd & Genevieve Barber. Born on 12 Nov 1931 in Branch County, Michigan (California Twp.). Estel Marion died in Coldwater, Michigan, on 24 Sep 2009; he was 77.
They had the following children:
Linda Marie (1952-)
Teresa Ann (1955-)
Mark Andrew (1959-)
51. Shirley Dee Antrup . Born on 13 Feb 1938 in Fremont, Indiana (Steuben County). Shirley Dee died in Cameron Community Memorial Hospital, Angola, Indiana, on 29 Dec 2012; she was 74.
On 30 Nov 1956 when Shirley Dee was 18, she married Ronald Harry Stultz , son of Cecil Stultz & Harriett Miller, in The Chapel of the Gardens in Angola, Indiana. Born on 7 Apr 1936 in Defiance, Ohio. Ronald Harry died in St. Joseph Hospital, Fort Wayne Indiana, on 17 Sep 2009; he was 73.
They had the following children:
Patricia Ann.
Born in 1957.
Patricia Ann first married Herbert W. (Mac) McDaniel.
Patricia Ann second married Randy Brown.
Dawn Michael (1959-)
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