Fourth Generation (Continued)
Family of Edith M. Novy (56) & Jerry Zimmerman
188. Karen Kay Zimmerman . Born on 16 Sep 1949 in Sioux Falls, SD. Karen Kay died in Sioux Valley Hospital., on 1 Sep 2005; she was 55. Buried on 6 Sep 2005 in Trent- Riverview Cemetery-Moody County, South Dakota.
On 16 Mar 1967 when Karen Kay was 17, she married Stanley R. Husaboe, son of Murphy Donald Husaboe & Maimie Verma Lund, in Sioux Falls, SD.
They had the following children:
James L..
Shelly married ? Anderson.
Mark Allen.
Mark Allen married Christina “Tina” Winterfeld, daughter of Paul Allen Winterfeld & Deb Abbas.
189. Steven Zimmerman.
Steven married Bonnie.
They had one child:
Born in 1976.
Bonnie married ? Allen.
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