Fifth Generation (Continued)
Family of Theresa Ann Deibert (72) & Clarence Robert "Tex" Longcor
212. Terri Lee Longcor. Born in 1963.
Terri Lee married Christopher Reidy. Born in 1962.
They had one child:
Angelica Janine.
Born in 1994.
213. Sharon Rae Longcor. Born in 1964.
Sharon Rae married James M. Diocson. Born in 1965.
They had the following children:
Michael Robert.
Born in 2004.
Ann Marie.
Born in 2009.
214. Stacy Marie Longcor. Born in 1969.
Stacy Marie first married Joseph Michael “Joe” Barry. Born in 1965.
They had one child:
Feb 29 1996 Ryan Joseph.
Stacy Marie second married Troy McClure. Born in 1967.
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