Fifth Generation (Continued)
Family of Alfred Martin Jr. (Marty) Novy (99) & Kathleen Helen Spartz
250. Susanna Jo Novy. Born in 1976.
Susanna Jo married Justin Philip Pearson. Born in 1979.
They had one child:
Tahlin Louise.
Born in 2011.
251. Chad Michael Novy. Born in 1974.
Chad Michael married Carrie Ann Wittrock, daughter of Terry L. Wittrock & Christine A. Chaloupka. Born in 1983.
They had the following children:
Landon Mathew Lloyd.
Born in 2005.
Lawson Frederick Michael.
Born in 2010.
Lydiah Christine Mae.
Born in 2013.
252. Wade M. Novy. Born in 1977.
Wade M. married Chessa L. Buchholz, daughter of Lloyd John Buchholz & Joyce M. O’Neal. Born in 1976.
They had the following children:
Catherine (Kate).
Born in 2007.
Caroline Elizabeth (Carly).
Born in 2009.
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