Fifth Generation (Continued)
Family of Sherri Lynne Pressnell (143) & Roger Richard Andray
319. Laura Elizabeth DVM Andray. Born in 1980.
Laura Elizabeth DVM first married Kori Chyrone Trussell, son of Lynn Trussell & Fiona ???. Born in 1979.
She second did not marry Keith Allen Lehman, son of ? Lehman & Diana ???. Born in 1980.
They had one child:
Evan Marshall.
Born in 2009.
320. Lindsay Lynette DVM Andray. Born in 1980.
Lindsay Lynette DVM married James Lee Smith, son of Gil Smith & Lee Ann ?. Born in 1979.
They had the following children:
Jonah Brighton.
Born in 2010.
Micah Bennett.
Born in 2013.
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